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Why is the Winter Raptor Fest held in October?

Winter Raptor Fest celebrates the return of wintering raptors to the Washington County Grasslands – especially our state-endangered Short-eared owls! We also regularly see Snowy owls, Rough-legged hawks, wintering Northern harriers (we have a few resident pairs) and of course, the common Red-tailed hawks.

The event helps Grassland Bird Trust raise awareness of our endangered and threatened grassland birds and is also a fundraiser that supports our work to conserve their habitat.

Does Winter Raptor Fest offer group discounts?

Grassland Bird Trust does not have a discounted rate for groups at this time, but check back next year!

Is the event held outside or indoors?

For 2020, Winter Raptor Fest is fully virtual for WINTER RAPTOR FEST GOES VIRTUAL!

All presentations, exhibits, vendors, etc. are located in various buildings close together in the main part of the Washington County Fairgrounds.  or example, GBT’s WILD Encounter takes up an entire building, and so does the Program Building where we hold hourly live bird of prey programs.  There is also an Activity Building for kids activities, exhibitors and vendors.  Only the horse-drawn Birding Wagon takes place outdoors, although the sign-up area is under a roof.

The fairground is accessible. We also have electric carts available for those who require assistance. If you need a ride – just call the number posted at the Admission Booth.

I do not have a membership card, do I need it?

Yes and no. It will make the process faster for you and us if you have it. If not, we have a list and can look your membership up. 

Please NOTE:  Membership must be current to receive the discount.