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Why is the Winter Raptor Fest in May?

Winter Raptor Fest was in March, during the winter season. As Winter Raptor Fest grew, we needed a big and better location. Parking was always an issue and the cold was tough on everyone. The Washington County Fair was the perfect solution, but we needed to move the event to May. Winter Raptor Fest still celebrates the wintering birds in the Washington County Grasslands, so we kept the name.

Does Winter Raptor Fest offer group discounts?

Right now Grassland Bird Trust does not have a discounted rate for groups. Winter Raptor Fest is a fundraiser for Grassland Bird Trust to protect critical grasslands in New York State.

Is the event indoors?

Yes. All the presentations and exhibitors are indoors at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

I do not have a membership card, do I need it?

Yes and no. It will make the process faster for you and us, if you have it. If not, we have a list and can look your membership up.