Winter Raptor Fest goes virtual!

October 18th at 9am

Watch Owls, Hawks and Falcons in flight – virtually!

Grassland Bird Trust (GBT) invites you to help us make the 10th anniversary of Winter Raptor Fest the best one ever!  We’re combining the best features of our traditional Live Bird of Prey programs, Flight demos and WILD Encounter to bring you a professionally designed and directed virtual event that will keep you glued to your seat!

We need to raise $20,000 by September 7th to ensure the exciting virtual event we’ve planned for you takes flight! 
Fight COVID-19 by helping GBT make “Winter Raptor Fest Go Virtual” – DONATE TODAY!

We cannot hold this event without your help don’t delay, get your pass today!!

Filmed live at the Washington County Fairgrounds in collaboration with Look Media and Junda Video Enterprises

Winter Raptor Fest supports Grassland Bird Trust’s work to preserve critical wildlife habitat for endangered
and at-risk grassland birds.  (photo courtesy Gordon Ellmers)









Presented, organized & founded by:

Grassland Bird Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit land trust conserving critical habitat for endangered, threatened and rapidly declining grassland birds. We’ve conserved or helped conserve more than 250 acres of critical habitat in the heart of the Washington County Grasslands in upstate NY.  We own and manage approximately 80 acres at the site of our Alfred Z. Solomon Grassland Bird Viewing Area.

Conserving land for grassland birds, and the birds themselves, provide multiple benefits for humans – from protecting our food supply to preserving biodiversity to mitigating climate change!

GBT is currently working on projects to conserve thousands more acres of critical habitat across the state!  Help us expand grassland bird conservation across New York State and beyond –

Learn more at and by watching our video below…

Friends of the Washington County Grasslands IBA
See exciting NEW live bird of prey programs


Watch exciting NEW flight demos and live bird of prey programs starring many of our native raptors! You’ll see everything from tiny Saw-whet owls to Peregrine falcons to majestic Snowy owls!

(photo courtesy Connie Bush)

Learn about the endangered, threatened and at-risk birds


Learn about state-endangered Short-eared owls and the grassland habitat they depend on for their survival. You’ll see and learn about dozens more native owls, hawks and falcons along the way!

(photo courtesy Connie Bush)

About the Washington County Grasslands

The Washington County Grasslands encompasses 13,000 acres of fields and meadows within the Atlantic and Hudson River flyways in upstate New York. It extends from the fertile valleys and rolling hills of southern Washington County to the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. This rich natural area provides a livelihood for human residents and an “all you can eat buffet” for hundreds of species of birds and other wildlife.

A 2,000 acre core area of these grasslands, designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by the National Audubon Society, is critical to the survival of Short-eared owls in New York State. It supports nearly a dozen endangered, threatened and at-risk grassland bird species and more than 100 other bird and animal species!

Grassland Bird Trust, formerly Friends of the IBA, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit acquiring and conserving critical habitat for endangered, threatened and at-risk grassland birds. We’re working to expand our grassland bird conservation programs across and beyond New York State.  We’re also partnering with other organizations to increase the scale and pace of grassland conservation across the U.S.

There’s so much to do!
Your contributions will help permanently protect critical habitat for Short-eared owls and other imperiled grassland birds!

Grassland Birds need us – and we need them.

Your support will help save our world!

Learn more about Grassland Bird Trust’s events & work!

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